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Full Photo Retouch Facial glare Removal, Red eye Removal , Image Crop & Re-Size, Teeth Whitening, Remove Pimples and Acne, Image exposure, Color Correction, Remove Dark Circles, Stray hairs, Remove Wrinkles, Skin blemishes

Facial glare Removal

Removes light shades from Glasses /shades, removes and adjusts brightness from the objects for the clear view of image.

Red eye Removal

Removes the Red eyes detection coming from flash of camera or light from reflection of objects. Gives a natural contrast.

Image Crop & Re-Size

removes unwanted portion of image and crops to the main object with high resolution of zoom in object.

Teeth Whitening

Sweeten your smile by removing yellowish look of your teeth and gives natural color.

Remove Pimples and Acne

Removes unwanted scars and gives glowing smooth skin without a single spot.

Image exposure

Changes the contrast of image and exposes the highest image view detection with extended resolution.

Color Correction

Boosts color resolution, brightness, contrast, and clears the object perfectly.

Remove Dark Circles

A new look by removing dark circles from your face and strengthen them like no wrinkle before.

Stray hairs

Get your hairs pure and shining by removing all unnecessary hairs and strays from your head.

Remove Wrinkles

Get yourself younger, by removing all wrinkles from your face and all spots of oldness.

Skin blemishes

The most effective way to remove blemishes from your face and have blemish free skin.